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  • Role: Lead Front-end Developer.
  • Visit
  • Gold Coast, Australia
  • Nov 2017 – Present


HiSmile hired me as the first Shopify developer with the intent to get everything up and running on all fronts before hiring another designer and developer.
My accomplishments were broad and deep:

3d render
team management

Team Management

  • Building a team - integrating a new designer and a front-end developer
  • Create and maintain procedure and QA documents
  • Overlook QA and authorize digital media
  • Structure Jira and team for an Agile workflow
  • Introduce other teams to Agile methods
  • Delegate work-load to ensure high quality work with low turn-around times. My time estimate precision is often complimented.
website load time increase


  • Build/Code with HTML5, CSS3, SASS, jQuery/JavaScript, PHP, liquid
  • Strengthen SEO with Schema and other rich content
  • Build all kinds of eCommerce related modules
  • Speed optimization - improved Google PageSpeed score from 60 to 98
  • Mentoring a developer with 3 years experience
website maintenance and implementation

Website administration

  • Implementing Theme Kit and later Slate
  • Implementing BitBucket
  • Re-installing Google Analytics
    • Previous setup had seperate properties for each region, which lead to inaccurate data and made statistics difficult to find.
  • Installing other SEO/trackers (Hotjar, Snapchat Pixel, Twitter, Pinterest, Yotpo)
  • Implement a/b testing procedures and install and run experiments(Using Google Optimize)
mobile screens


  • Worked closely with designer to ensure best web practices
  • Redesign all major pages
  • Design special banners for Sale periods
  • Redesign EDMs
  • Design office stationary
  • Generate Analytical reports, and provide statistics for working with the marketing team
  • Regularly giving creative content team Photoshop / Illustrator advice and tutorials
team management

Website progression

The website has gone through many revisions and a/b tests in my time at Hismile.

  • Phase 1: Dec, 2017 - Feb, 2018
    • Complete redesign - while keeping similar branding to ensure customers don't feel they are in the wrong place
    • Heavy code refactoring - and roping in a lot of the technologies mentioned above.
    • Big difference in bounce rate, page load time, and average order value
    • Lead to testing different modules and features such as
      • Promotional sections for major yearly sale events - Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day
      • Find Your Product
      • Featured products
      • Yotpo Reviews
  • Phase 2: Mar, 2018 - Aug, 2018
    • Designed mostly by the newly hired designer - Aled, and again directed by the head of marketing and two CEO's
    • Optimizing existing code-base to be faster, neater, and easier to test new ideas
    • Implement Google Optimize and an in-depth sequence of Google Event tags to assist with tracking customer behaviour flows
    • I worked closely with Aled to enable fast development and having two minds to bounce design ideas off
    • Implement processes to help work in new developer - Jordan
    • Help Jordan with integrating some back-end systems such as a new region redirect, FAQ section, product subscriptions (with Bold apps)
  • Phase 3: Aug 2018 - Current
    • A few website designs tested between Phase 2 and 3, ultimately a design closer to Phase 1 worked best, with minor adjustments to the UI
    • Completely rebuilt website using Shopify Slate and Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework
    • Improved Google PageSpeed score from 60 to 98
    • Average page load times decreased by close to 1 second in Australia, and at least half a second world-wide.
    • Open-season for a/b testing. The team is generally running 3 a/b tests at a time, each test only needing around 3-4 days before we are able to design which direction to go
    • Assist Jordan (developer) with a spend/revenue dashboard, using api's from different software we use as services - i.e. Shopify, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Google Adwords.

Moving forward

There is still a lot of work to be done, and a lot of room to improve on the website. Keypoints include:

  • Learning React.js for a future build of the store
  • Improve the Procedure documents, brand style-guide, and coding standard
  • Build a more user-friendly FAQ area to minimise Customer Experience workload
  • Minimise the customers physical location impacting their User Experience
  • Work on sales tracking dashboard to pull in spends and sales
  • Forever a/b testing and working with Aled (designer) for next feature.

My strengths are Front-End Development, Interactive Design and Quality Assurance. I bring a firm opinion to my craft and place a lot of pride in the quality of my service.

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