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  • Role: Lead Front-end Designer.
  • Visit
  • Gold Coast, Australia
  • Nov 2017 – Present


HiSmile hired me as the first website designer with the intent to get everything up and running on all fronts before hiring another designer and front-end developer.
My accomplishments were broad and deep:

3d render
team management

Team Management

  • Building team - integrating a new designer and a front-end developer
  • Create and maintain procedure and QA documents
  • Overlook QA and authorize digital media
  • Structure Trello and team for an Agile workflow
  • Introduce other teams to Agile methods
  • Delegate work-load to ensure high quality work with low turn-around times. My time estimate precision is often complimented.
website maintenance and implementation

Website administration

  • Implementing Theme Kit and later Slate
  • Implementing BitBucket
  • Re-installing Google Analytics
    • Previous setup had seperate properties for each region, which lead to inaccurate data and made statistics difficult to find.
  • Installing other SEO/trackers (Hotjar, Snapchat Pixel, Twitter, Pinterest, Yotpo)
  • Implement a/b testing procedures and install and run experiments(Using Google Optimize)
mobile screens


  • Redesign all major pages
  • Design special banners for Sale periods
  • Redesign EDMs
  • Design office stationary
  • Generate Analytical reports, and provide statistics for working with the marketing team
  • Regularly giving creative content team Photoshop / Illustrator advice and tutorials
website load time increase


  • Build using HTML5, CSS3, SASS, jQuery/JavaScript, PHP, liquid
  • Strengthen SEO with Schema and other rich content
  • Build all kinds of eCommerce related modules
  • Speed optimization - improved Google PageSpeed score from 60 to 98
  • Mentoring a developer with 3 years experience
team management

Website progression

The website has gone through many revisions and a/b tests in my time at Hismile.

  • Phase 1: Dec, 2017 - Feb, 2018
    • Complete redesign - while keeping similar branding to ensure customers don't feel they are in the wrong place
    • Heavy code refactoring - and roping in a lot of the technologies mentioned above.
    • Big difference in bounce rate, page load time, and average order value
    • Lead to testing different modules and features such as
      • Promotional sections for major yearly sale events - Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day
      • Find Your Product
      • Featured products
      • Yotpo Reviews
  • Phase 2: Mar, 2018 - Aug, 2018
    • Designed mostly by the newly hired designer - Aled, and again directed by the head of marketing and two CEO's
    • Optimizing existing code-base to be faster, neater, and easier to test new ideas
    • Implement Google Optimize and an in-depth sequence of Google Event tags to assist with tracking customer behaviour flows
    • I worked closely with Aled to enable fast development and having two minds to bounce design ideas off
    • Implement processes to help work in new developer - Jordan
    • Help Jordan with integrating some back-end systems such as a new region redirect, FAQ section, product subscriptions (with Bold apps)
  • Phase 3: Aug 2018 - Current
    • A few website designs tested between Phase 2 and 3, ultimately a design closer to Phase 1 worked best, with minor adjustments to the UI
    • Completely rebuilt website using Shopify Slate and Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework
    • Improved Google PageSpeed score from 60 to 98
    • Average page load times decreased by close to 1 second in Australia, and at least half a second world-wide.
    • Open-season for a/b testing. The team is generally running 3 a/b tests at a time, each test only needing around 3-4 days before we are able to design which direction to go
    • Assist Jordan with a spend/revenue dashboard, using api's from different software we use as services - i.e. Shopify, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Google Adwords.

Moving forward

There is still a lot of work to be done, and a lot of room to improve on the website. Keypoints include:

  • Improve the Procedure documents, brand style-guide, and coding standard
  • Build a more user-friendly FAQ area to minimise Customer Experience workload
  • Minimise the customers physical location impacting their User Experience
  • Work on sales tracking dashboard to pull in spends and sales
  • Forever a/b testing and working with Aled for next feature.

My strengths are Front-End Development, Interactive Design and Quality Assurance. I bring a firm opinion to my craft and place a lot of pride in the quality of my service.

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