UX and UI Design, Front-End Development


Personally I want to always ensure websites are accessible via any device, performance is optimised for all users, and users have a clear path to the websites primary objective (in this case, that would be contacting the club for a membership application.)

Mockup Image


  • Options for different types of content such as regular pages, home pages, course tour layouts, gallery pages, members home page etc.
  • Lots of opportunity for imagery. Golf courses tend to pride themselves on the visual mood their course gives to the players.
  • Be considered a high-class WordPress theme for at least the next three years.
  • Only use plugins which have been tested and approved.
  • Integrate with a java back-end system – meaning the members area had to be 100% XHTML compliant.


The themes design was kept extremely versatile, with options to highlight branding, text, images or video.

The four different Home page layouts keep the theme fresh and add options to display testimonials, sponsors, news or all of the above.

Everything is responsive, down to the contact forms and table layouts added through the CMS.

The backend of the CMS was also customised to make sure it is easy for the club administrators to add content and minimise training and support time from MiClub.

The technologies used were chosen because I believe they will be improved on frequently and will help accessibility in the future.

Technologies used

I am on the look out for an exciting side project and always happy to help out a non-for-profit organisation when I can.