Highend Theme

Premium Wordpress theme.


Co-design and lead develop front end.


Personally I want to always ensure websites are accessible via any device, performance is optimised for all users, and users have a clear path to the websites primary objective (in this case, that would be contacting the club for a membership application.)

  • Options for different types of content such as regular pages, home pages, course tour layouts, gallery pages, members home page etc.
  • Lots of opportunity for imagery. Golf courses tend to pride themselves on the visual mood their course gives to the players.
  • Be considered a high-class WordPress theme for at least the next three years.
  • Only use plugins which have been tested and approved.
  • Integrate with a java back-end system – meaning the members area had to be 100% XHTML compliant.


The themes design was kept extremely versatile, with options to highlight branding, text, images or video.</br> The four different Home page layouts keep the theme fresh and add options to display testimonials, sponsors, news or all of the above.</br> Everything is responsive, down to the contact forms and table layouts added through the CMS.</br> The backend of the CMS was also customised to make sure it is easy for the club administrators to add content and minimise training and support time from MiClub.</br> The technologies used were chosen because I believe they will be improved on frequently and will help accessibility in the future.

Technologies used

My strengths are Front-End Development, Interactive Design and Quality Assurance. I bring a firm opinion to my craft and place a lot of pride in the quality of my service.

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