Auckland Refugee Community Coalition


The ARCC advocates on behalf of the resettled communities of Auckland. They promote a sustainable, integrated resettlement approach that maintains the cultural identities of former refugees and allows them to thrive in their new home country.

ARCC was finding a lot of users unsure about the authenticity of the website due to it’s aged design. Hence the new design to convey trust, honesty and friendliness.

Technologies used


The project was broken in to 5 phases to ensure the website was looking better as soon as possible, and the organisation wouldn’t lose any more potential users during the design and build process. Using the existing layout meant I could keep using the same WordPress database, while replacing almost everything else behind the scenes.

Phase 1: Backup and Update all backend software (wordpress, database, plugins, security)
Phase 2: Design new website
Phase 3: Bring in new website design (basic)
Phase 4: Bring in new website design (better)
Phase 5: Bring in new website design (final)

My strengths are Front-End Development, Interactive Design and Quality Assurance. I bring a firm opinion to my craft and place a lot of pride in the quality of my service.